How to install

  1. Download
    By downloading you agree to some standard .
  2. Open the Compute for Humanity app. Install opening screenshot 65acedc8bd0448f6ac85969fdb82f8ed7c4f9516b7f309464c12e8fe2a2ccbc3
  3. Click the button in the popup to move it to your Applications folder. Install moving screenshot 716c550633c0aa44fd732abce50bc4942a0b3c2ff592d96a81e31484140c9090
  4. You should see the Compute for Humanity logo ( ) in the menu bar at the top of your screen. Installed screenshot a16e5d224723a25a7e2893fce4e63a380197625aa80b181fb34620f03ff45d3e

That's it! Pat yourself on the back, friend. You're now computing for humanity!

Remember, the more people who use Compute for Humanity, the more money we can raise for charity together. So let all your friends know how cool you are and spread the word! A quick tweet or Facebook post goes a long way!

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