The goal

Compute for Humanity's goal is to raise money for charity without any noticeable impact on your computer. It achieves this by:
  1. Running in the background on your computer and "" (or generating) NeoScrypt-based cryptocurrencies (which is much more efficient than Bitcoin mining).
  2. Mining only for a few seconds every few minutes, and telling the operating system to prioritize it below everything else.
  3. Constantly monitoring your computer's temperature to make sure it's being a good citizen. (It only mines when the computer is cool—so it won't run when you're editing lots of videos, for example).
  4. Crowdsourcing: lots of computers doing a tiny bit of work to each generate a penny is better than one computer working hard to generate a dollar. So if you like this project, please spread the word!
  5. Getting frequent updates and improvements. Feedback sent to [email protected] is very much listened and responded to, and if you're a software developer you can help improve it yourself.
No users have reported any impact on their computer's battery life or their electricity bills.

The nitty-gritty

The mining uses NiceHash, a service that allows computers to mine NeoScrypt-based currencies in exchange for bitcoins. NiceHash sends the bitcoins earned to an account where they are exchanged for dollars (with zero transaction fees, using Circle), depositing the money in a bank account (after a few days of transaction processing).

A small program watches the bank account, and when money is deposited it automatically sends that money (with zero transaction fees, using Dwolla) to the following charities:

You choose which charities your computer supports. (If you'd like to see a charity added to this list, get in touch!)

Note: If you already mine cryptocurrencies on your own, feel free to direct your miners toward 1CkZ4233SfQnMyjwypcN1YZorG15VCAPAH. Anything sent to that address will be donated to charity as well. If you have no idea what that means, don't worry about it!

Let's get started!
Questions and comments are totally welcome! @Jake_Evelyn / [email protected]