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Feb 20, 2017

Saying goodbye

Or: “Know when to fold 'em”
It's with a heavy 💖 that I'm here to say Compute for Humanity will be shutting down today.
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Apr 3, 2016

Making a blog without making a blog

Or: “A blog post about blog posts” TECH
When I first set out to create this blog, my first thought was: “What tools should I use?

I'd used WordPress before, so that was an obvious choice. But I'm also a Ruby guy, so maybe something like Octopress or Jekyll would be good too. But this site already uses Rails, so should I use Publify instead? Or Monologue? blogit? ButterCMS? Inkwell? Something else? Of course the only logical thing left to do was to spend hours testing all of the options, creating mock databases and downloading command-line tools and making feature comparison spreadsheets.

Or... not.
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Mar 24, 2016

Performance Prattle I: The out-of-pocket developer

Or: “Less = 💰TECH
Developers know that performance matters. Large companies like Amazon and Google and Microsoft and Yahoo lose twelve zillion dollars a year for each millisecond of additional latency (approximately). And the rest of us fare no better.

Okay, great. But there’s another side to the coin that gets a lot less press: costs.
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Feb 28, 2016

Version 2.0 released!

Or: “💖 Actually”
I'm beyond thrilled to say that Compute for Humanity 2.0 is finally released. This is the biggest release yet, a complete redesign packed with a whole bunch of fun goodies that make Compute for Humanity better than ever.
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